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We build Custom Armalite Rifles with quality parts to meet the needs of Gun Enthusiasts.

Custom Armalite Rifles: AR 15 vs. AR 10?

The Armalite Rifle(AR) is the most versatile rifle platform in the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to answer any questions while also giving you informative and helpful customer service. We will happily guide you through the process, or if you don’t need the guidance, we will gladly answer your questions while deciding on your custom AR build. Once we get to know you, your requirements, and goals, our focus will be to build the firearm of your dreams.

Here at Savage Sooner, we strive to build firearms to your specification not ours(however we will not be afraid to offer some advice during the process to ensure the highest quality custom AR).  Your satisfaction is our number one goal.  That’s a 1, as in how many rounds you put down range with each squeeze of the trigger.

Because of its versatility – many police officers, hunters, and/or other civilians prefer AR15s over AK-47s. The platform has many uses, so the design matters as it’s either geared toward personal defense, hunting, or long range capabilities of up to 1000 yard accuracy for large game hunting.

Our AR packages consist of different calibers that will give you the versatility to use this rifle in many different situations.  You will want to start with your choice of caliber depending on the purpose of the firearm as the caliber will determine certain parts of the build.

 Here are a few helpful tips to use while planning your firearm design:

Identify the Primary Purpose of your gun

When researching your components, it’s essential to know what you want when building your AR rifle. Not only is it a significant investment, but it requires lots of time. Just think about how you will use the firearm and the environment it will be used.   For example, will you use it in close quarters like home defense or indoor shooting ranges? Or, will you use it in large areas for long range shooting, or hunting? Will you use it for self-defense? These factors will be essential to know if you are leaning towards something lightweight and compact, short, or long barrels. It will also help decide if you need lights, laser sights, or specialized trigger groups. 

Don’t be afraid to make a scary looking AR but that shouldn’t be at the top of your list of considerations when deciding on the purpose of your firearm.

Learn the AR Language

Often praised for its versatility and flexibility, it’s also a very complex model. The AR can contain somewhere in the neighborhood of over 100 individual components.

Selecting Parts

Our recommendation here is to only focus on finding the high-quality parts that meet your needs.  This platform is versatile, we are here to answer any questions you have while selecting the components for your gun. Call us today and let’s get started on your personal build!

Here is a list of parts and components to consider while designing your custom AR.  We have put them in the order we here at Savage Sooner believe to be the best way to customize and build your AR:


Barrel Length


Bolt Carrier Group

Muzzle Device


Charging Handle

Gas System Type

Gas Block Type

Rail System

Rail Type



Buffer System

Fire Control Group

lower parts kits


Castle Nut

Pistol Grip





Additional Accessories