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Handling an AR-10

What Is The AR-10?

The AR-10 is a tactical sporting rifle similar to the AR-15.  AR-10 can be configured in multiple calibers, however, the most popular are the .308 Winchester and the 6.5mm Creedmoor.  Magazines are available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 round capacity, you can also get 50 round capacity magazines although that option is not the most popular.  What makes the AR10 most impressive is its knockdown power and range, making it an ideal firearm for taking big game, such as deer, elk, and bear.


With semi-automatic adequately set up, the 10.5 inch AR pistol can fire off around 40 rounds in under a minute. The Rifle uses fires standard 7.62 NATO rounds or .308 Winchesters. Magazines usually come with 20 shots, but many variants are also available. 

What Sets It Apart?

AR-10 Rifle

The AR 10 has increased power compared to the AR15, giving it better accuracy and knockdown power over longer distances, which is worth the investment in itself.  The AR10 hits the mark more reliably than an AR15 at long distance because of its increased power and caliber  This firearm has an incredible amount of room for customizations.  Firearm enthusiasts can create something that shoots, handles, and reloads to match their individual shooting style.

 The AR10 is less suited for home defense and Close Quarters Battle(CQB), as larger calibers are better suited for use in the field.  Although it is not ideal for home defense, it would do the job if needed. However it would not be recommended as this caliber of firearm is more suited for the field than urban environments and may be overkill for the situation.  As responsible firearms owners we need to ensure we use the right firearm for the right situation and not try to be RAMBO.

 For home defense we recommend a custom AR15 pistol as it would be more suited for the situation and allow for more control. 

Which Parts of AR-10 Are Interchangeable?

Although the AR10 and the AR15 look similar, there are very few parts that are interchangeable. Most triggers, stocks and grips are interchangeable, however, the AR10 is much larger than the AR15, making parts such as bolt carrier groups, barrels and receivers incapable of being used across both platforms.  There are parts that will cross both platforms such as:


Roll Pins


Butt stocks




Disconnector springs




Hammer springs

AR Parts
AR10 Target Shooting

Receiver extensions or protection tubes


Safety selectors


Spring-release buttons




Trigger springs


Fire control groups


There are two key advantages to the AR10, both dealing with the cartridges it can be configured in. The two most popular, the .308 Winchester and the 6.5 mm Creedmoor, offer more knockdown power as well as longer effective range than its AR15 cousins.   If that isn’t enough, with the proper optics and caliber, the AR10 can be effective beyond 1000 yards. That is, of course, when equipped with the right shooter (hey, not everyone can see something that far, much less shoot something that far).


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