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Handling your AR-9

What’s Different In The AR-9?

The most notable difference between an AR9 and other AR platforms is their gas system.  The AR 9 uses a blowback system for cycling rather than direct impingement, the traditional gas system in other AR platforms. It also has the advantage of longer lasting barrels, as the 9mm operates at a lower pressure.  This erodes the barrel’s throat in smaller increments which allows it to last longer before needing replacement.

Advantages of an ARMALITE RIFLE 9

Compared to the AR-15, there are advantages and disadvantages. We will start with the benefits, but please know this face value/regarding data and not comparing real-life situations.

Minimal recoil

Lower pressure contributes to minimal recoil allowing the shooter to stay on target making it a more manageable firearm than a traditional handgun.  The AR 9 allows shooters to spend a much larger amount of time target practicing due to less stress on the shooter’s shoulder and lower cost of ammunition than traditional AR15’s. 



Since the AR9 is built with barrel lengths ranging from 5.5 inch to 16 inch, you have a certain amount of control over the size and weight.   The overall smaller frame makes the AR9 substantially lighter than the AR 10 and AR 15, making this firearm perfect for home or self-defense.


Ammunition Prices

AR9 wins out when it comes to cost. Shooting 9mm is the cheapest way to shoot. 



You have the ability to turn an AR9 into a quiet shooter. Enthusiast often use a 12” barrel coupled with a suppressor and subsonic ammo resulting in lower percussion sound. 

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The AR9 certainly does a lot of things well, but there are shortcomings just like any other firearm/caliber. Here are some of them.
AR-9 9MM


Compared to the typical handgun, shooters will get more velocity out of a 12” barrel. However, at the maximum speed, the 9mm is only traveling at about 1200 fps and producing somewhere in the ballpark of 400 ft. lb. of energy (depending on your ammunition and your political stance). 



The limited range and heightened bullet drop of the AR9 are a distinct disadvantage at distances beyond 30 yards, such as hunting.  Many states do not allow hunting with pistol calibers because of their ineffectiveness at longer distances. The AR9 is accurate at short distances. However, the bullet slows and begins to drop rapidly past 30 yards. 


Build/Parts price

Although the pricing is comparable to the AR15, parts for the AR9 may be difficult for your typical local gun store as the AR9 popularity makes parts hard to find, however, we are not your typical local gun store.  We, at Savage Sooner, have the knowledge, understanding and suppliers to build your AR9 just as quickly as we do any other custom firearm.


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